Source code for turf.length._length

from functools import reduce

from turf.distance import distance
from turf.invariant import get_coords_from_features

[docs]def length(features, options=None): """ Calculates the total length of the input Feature / FeatureCollection in the specified units. :param features: a Feature / FeatureCollection of types LineString, MultiLineString, Polygon or MultiPolygon :param options: optional parameters [options["units"]=kilometers] can be degrees, radians, miles, or kilometers :return: the measured distance """ coords = get_coords_from_features( features, ["LineString", "MultiLineString", "Polygon", "MultiPolygon",] ) if any(isinstance(inner_item, list) for item in coords for inner_item in item): distances = list(map(lambda sub_item: length(sub_item, options), coords)) return sum(distances) total_distance = reduce( lambda accum, coord: accum + distance(coord[0], coord[1], options), zip(coords, coords[1:]), 0, ) return total_distance