Source code for turf.great_circle._great_circle

from turf.invariant import get_coords_from_features
from turf.great_circle._arc import GreatCircle

[docs]def great_circle(start, end, options=None): """ Returns the great circle route as LineString :param start: source point feature :param end: destination point feature :param options: Optional parameters [options["properties"]={}] line feature properties [options.npoints=100] number of points :return: great circle line feature """ if not options or not isinstance(options, dict): options = {} start = get_coords_from_features(start, ["Point"]) end = get_coords_from_features(end, ["Point"]) properties = options.get("properties", {}) npoints = options.get("npoints", 100) properties["npoints"] = npoints gc = GreatCircle(start, end, properties) return gc.to_geojson()