Source code for turf.centroid._centroid

from functools import reduce

from turf.helpers import point
from turf.invariant import get_coords_from_features
from turf.utils.helpers import get_input_dimensions

[docs]def centroid(features, options=None): """ Takes one or more features and calculates the centroid using the mean of all vertices. This lessens the effect of small islands and artifacts when calculating the centroid of a set of polygons. :param features: GeoJSON features to be centered :param options: optional parameters [options["properties"]={}] Translate GeoJSON Properties to Point :return: a Point feature corresponding to the centroid of the input features """ if not options: options = {} coords = get_coords_from_features(features) if get_input_dimensions(coords) == 1: coords = [coords] x_sum = 0 y_sum = 0 length = 0 x_sum, y_sum, length = reduce(reduce_coords, coords, [x_sum, y_sum, length]) return point([x_sum / length, y_sum / length], options.get("properties", None))
def reduce_coords(sum_array, coords): input_dimension = get_input_dimensions(coords) if input_dimension >= 2: return reduce(lambda prev, coord: reduce_coords(prev, coord), coords, sum_array) return [sum_array[0] + coords[0], sum_array[1] + coords[1], sum_array[2] + 1]