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from turf.helpers import point
from turf.bbox import bbox

[docs]def center(features, options=None): """ Takes a Feature or FeatureCollection and returns the absolute center point of all features. :param features: features or collection of features :param options: optional parameters [options["properties"]={}] Translate GeoJSON Properties to Point [options["bbox"]={}] Translate GeoJSON BBox to Point [options["id"]={}] Translate GeoJSON Id to Point :return: a Point feature at the absolute center point of all input features """ if not options or not isinstance(options, dict): options = {} bounding_box = bbox(features) x = (bounding_box[0] + bounding_box[2]) / 2 y = (bounding_box[1] + bounding_box[3]) / 2 return point([x, y], options.get("properties", {}), options)