Source code for turf.bbox._bbox

from functools import reduce

import numpy as np

from turf.invariant import get_coords_from_features
from turf.utils.helpers import get_input_dimensions

[docs]def bbox(features): """ Takes a set of features and returns a bounding box containing of all input features. :param features: any GeoJSON feature or feature collection :return: bounding box extent in [minX, minY, maxX, maxY] order """ bounding_box = [np.inf, np.inf, -np.inf, -np.inf] coords = get_coords_from_features(features) if get_input_dimensions(coords) == 1: coords = [coords] return reduce(reduce_coords, coords, bounding_box)
def reduce_coords(bounding_box, coord): input_dimension = get_input_dimensions(coord) if input_dimension >= 2: return reduce(lambda bb, c: reduce_coords(bb, c), coord, bounding_box) if bounding_box[0] > coord[0]: bounding_box[0] = coord[0] if bounding_box[1] > coord[1]: bounding_box[1] = coord[1] if bounding_box[2] < coord[0]: bounding_box[2] = coord[0] if bounding_box[3] < coord[1]: bounding_box[3] = coord[1] return bounding_box